Predictive Maintenance

We're putting the power of fleet management back in your hands. Using proprietary vibration analysis, our sensors are able to predict bearing and wheel failure several months in advance. Don't let someone else dictate when, where, and at what cost your rail cars are repaired.

Using our intuitive web platform, create job plans that are optimized to meet your budgeted monthly maintenance spend or build your schedule around shopping your rail cars at your preferred repair shop. Our software will even help you find the shop with the fastest turnaround time at the lowest cost.

Accurate Train ETAs

Don't fight to track your shipments across multiple railroads websites. GPS tracking combined with our simple web interface allows for your operators to accurately plan for incoming trains and avoid wasting valuable manpower with inaccurate scheduling.

Dynamic Railyard Map

A majority of safety incidents occur from poorly trained new hires and mistakes from your most experienced workers. View your railyard operations in real-time on our web platfrom from any desktop or mobile device to provide your crews with an extra layer of safety and accountability. Digital mapping of railyards provides accelerated training through visual learning coupled with the ability to catch mistakes before a switch occurs.

A live activity map also gives managers the ability to view operations in real-time. Automate critical communication to eliminate excessive paperwork and endlessly chasing down car counts or track checks.
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