Hum Announces its Pit Crew Repair Service

Predictive sensor technology combined with repair service to provide turnkey railcar maintenance solutions for railcar owners and shippers.

St. Louis, MO: Hum Industrial Technology, Inc. (“Hum”) today announced a new railcar maintenance offering to disrupt traditional railcar maintenance strategies. The service will include minishop and mobile repair crews utilizing Hum’s Boomerang wheelset condition monitoring technology all wrapped up in an easy subscription service.

“With the Hum Boomerang, we have the world’s most powerful railcar condition monitoring technology,” says Byron Porter, Hum CEO. “One of the issues we’ve heard since we introduced the Boomerang is, ‘That’s great you can tell me when my bearing and wheel will fail, but I don’t have any way of acting on that information.’ Now, Hum customers have access to a turnkey maintenance service that maximizes railcar availability at the lowest cost.”

The Hum Pit Crew service works in the following way:

• A Hum Pit Crew minishop will be deployed in key areas such as shipper railyards, terminals, and ports.

• Customers sign up to various tiers of service for an easy monthly subscription fee, just the same as they lease a railcar.

• The Hum Pit Crew will outfit their enrolled railcars with the Hum Boomerang system, including bearing, wheel, truck, and track condition monitoring, and GPS tracking.

• While railcars are waiting in the yard, the Hum Pit Crew will strategically replace wheelsets or perform other light duty repairs as needed to avoid service disruptions.

About Hum: Hum is a St. Louis-based technology company that designs and builds wireless sensors to drive the next generation of rail shipping. Hum’s portfolio of advanced devices was developed to provide rail shippers, railcar owners, and railroads with the level of real-time visibility and reliability they have been demanding for years. Hum sensors sync to the cloud to provide customers with enhanced safety monitoring, optimized fleet utilization, and predictive wheelset maintenance.