Hum and Lexair Partner to Create
Sensor Technology for Coal Shippers

Hum and Lexair Announce Exclusive Partnership Agreement to Bring
Next-Generation Sensor Technology to Railcar Owners

St. Louis, MO: Hum Industrial Technology, Inc. (“Hum”) today announced a new partnership with Lexair, Inc. This partnership will bring wireless sensor technology to pneumatic valves on bottom discharge railcars to provide a next-generation safety solution. This technology will assure the correct operation and proper position of the discharge gates preventing unwanted or unexpected operation or discharge of the car.  

“We’ve been working with Lexair and their customers for some time now to develop this technology and are excited to finally announce our partnership in delivering a solution to monitor and help eliminate the issue of bottom discharge gates that open unexpectedly,” says Byron Porter, CEO at Hum. “Having personally experienced how dangerous rail work can be, I’m pleased we’ve created a complete solution with Lexair to solve a dangerous safety issue that has plagued shippers and railroads for some time.” 

“We are excited to be working with HUM and their available technology to help provide another layer of operational and safety related enhancements to our Second Generation Valves,” says John Jennings, V.P. of Sales and Marketing for the Valve Group at Lexair. 

The benefits of this new partnership include:

  • Lexair will be the sole distributor of Hum’s ValveSense sensor, specifically designed to work only with Lexair’s Second Generation Railcar Valves.
  • The Hum wireless monitoring system combined with Lexair’s patented valve locking mechanism enables railcar owners and operators to know whether their Lexair valves are locked or unlocked anytime, anywhere.
  • Geofence-triggered reporting and automated email alerts from Hum’s monitoring system provide rail shippers and operators with immediate notification when a valve changes from a locked to unlocked state or when it is never properly locked. 

About Hum: Hum is a St. Louis-based technology startup that develops wireless sensors for the rail transportation industry. Hum’s mobile railcar monitoring system was designed to provide shippers, car owners, and railroads the level of visibility and reliability they have been demanding for years. Hum sensors sync to the cloud to provide customers enhanced safety monitoring, location tracking, and predictive condition monitoring of the wheels, bearings, and rail track.  

About Lexair: Lexair is a privately held, American-owned corporation committed to the design and manufacturing of industrial products. We are a World Class Manufacturer of Fluid Power Products, Valves, and Machine Tool Accessories, delivering the best products possible for today's global market needs. Our expertise in the Bottom Dump Coal Car market spans more than 30 years. Many innovative products have been developed for this market segment where we are the leader in Door Dump Control Valve manufacturing with our lineup of Second Generation Railcar Valves. This valve line provides many operational and safety enhancements for the owners/operators of Bottom Dump Coal Cars. One of these features is our Patented “lock and indicator assembly” which provides positive indication of when our Valves are in the “door close” and locked position. Our latest innovation includes the ability to provide “Hum-enabled Valves” which can communicate the indicator’s status to a car owner anywhere in the world via wireless communication.