Hum Boomerang

Predict Bearing Failures
100,000 Miles in Advance

The Hum Boomerang is an onboard railcar sensor that provides live condition monitoring of railcar bearings, wheels, trucks, and track.

The Hum Boomerang is also the first batteryless railcar sensor.
Utilizing the proprietary Hum TEGTM energy harvester, the Boomerang is powered from the heat of the bearing.
Atlas logo

Live Scale Weights
Without the Scale

Far more than a simple empty/loaded sensor, the Atlas AdapterTM is the world's first onboard railcar sensor accurate to +/- 1 ton.

Hum ValveSense

Safe and Secure

The Hum ValveSense is an open/close sensor offering improved safety and handling visibility. Get 100% positive close sensing on BOVs, pneumatic valves, hatches, doors, and gates.

Hum Gateway

Best-in-class Railcar GPS Hub

Powered by two solar panels and a bank of lithium ion batteries, the Hum Gateway offers the most robust GPS tracker in the rail industry.

Dual BLE and LoRa wireless capability offer future proof interoperability while achieving an industry leading 1.5m CEP GPS accuracy.